Interventions for your life.

Let one of our professionals be the discreet, confidential support you need to work through a situation. Together we will establish goals and work towards a better way to navigate challenges. We view obstacles as the opportunity for change and growth. We accept most insurances, can establish payment plans. While we are growing we appreciate your business and support. Align Mind N Body Staff...2022

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People are having hard times. Prices are up on food, gas, and just about everything. Try to be kind. You don't know what's up with people. It may show up as road rage or an angry person behind you in

Be the best you can possibly be. Let your light shine for others to see..... Note: Do not check your balance at a PNC ATM. They charge $3.00 Chase has an account for $5.00 per month. Unlimited money

If you have been putting off the class because of finances, here's a a solution. Beginning 8/1/22 the 12 hour course goes on sale. Was $120.00 Sale $99.00. Plus, how about making a plasma donation. Y