Driving While Intoxicated Education (DWIE) 

“Changing Awareness, Choices, and Actions"

At Align Mind and Body we know that each persons' experiences, circumstances, and perceptions are different. We also understand not every person gets a second chance to learn from those experiences. We believe you will come to accept previous choices that brought you to this point as poor judgment. From that understanding, you have the skills to learn about yourself, what drinking and drugs do to your body, and what you need to do to ensure you never find yourself at this place in you or your family's life again!.......... Let us help! 


This course is being offered to satisfy a court order for 12 hours of DWI education. It may also serve as an optional manner in which to enhance your knowledge while demonstrating your personal interest in making better choices related to the use of alcohol or drugs and driving. 


Course Objective

The objective of this course as established by the State of Texas is to have individuals carry out responsible drinking/drugged driving decisions that will prevent future DWI behavior. 

Course Purposes 

1. Information about the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving skills.

2. Identification of your own personal drinking or drugged driving pattern.

3. Formulating skills to reduce the chance of future DWI behavior. 


It's Up to You... But We Can Help! New Local DWI Education 
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DUE TO COVID 19- We Are Offering Courses in an Online Format
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*****We are Licensed by the State of Texas *****

(Our course will satisfy requirements for 12 hour DWI Education) 

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Carolyn Guillory, M. Ed., RN, LPC 
Align Mind N Body Director of Services 
(469) 724-6249 Enhancing Skills: CPR, DWI Education, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse 
(Fee must be paid 3 days prior to 1st day of class) 
Cost $120.00 per person