Align Mind n Body takes a multi-dimensional approach to healthcare training, organizational growth, mental and physical wellness; and substance abuse services. We have grown out of an increased need for individuals and organizations to have access to community or in-house education and training specific to the needs of the targeted concerns. We are excited that our staff are licensed and trained to offer services proven to be both valuable and effective. We have found that individuals have the basic resources to be outstanding in their daily lives and careers. Though, sometimes there are internal hurdles that may stagnate growth. We aim to identify and bring resolve to obstacles that may hinder successes.

Upon procuring our services our approach begins with an initial interview to perform an information gathering and fact-finding session. After completion of the interview we will tailor or services to address concerns that have been identified, observed, or that may become obvious during the process.

In addition, we provide life support BLS training, and soon to come comprehensive community mental health and substance abuse services. We look forward to serving you and welcome referrals.


You are the only masterpiece you have. Love it, care for it, and treat it better than gold.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet customers where they are and ethically provide innovative education and therapeutic strategies to assist employers, employees, and patients interested in mastering organizational conflict, healthcare skills, optimal mental and physical wellness, and solutions to substance abuse challenges. We will support each individual to maximize their own potential and be productive individuals, team members, and citizens. Through providing a judgement free approach we offer guidance towards a commitment to excellence and accountability


Our Vision

Our vision is to open the door and invite you in to a healthier tomorrow. Through education and guidance; therapeutic support; and  individualized training  together  we will change the theme  from  just getting by. Obstacles will be faced head on and eliminated to reveal Your Very Best You!